That Beautiful Image with Lightroom Actions

Before Lightroom, pictures are presented mostly as it is, without its accompanying enhancements, but when it became a part of the process, it literally changed photography in a good way, especially with Lightroom actions.

pbn7Lightroom is still the next best thing to photo enhancing, despite being in the market for years. It is still your premier photo enhancing solution capable of improving not just the color of your images but also its texture. And Lightroom actions take that even further. With it, you will see pictures with a more interactive feel.

Yes, that is quite possible with Lightroom actions. Gone are those days when you settled with lifeless, static pictures that doesn’t even perk up the imagination. With these actions though, you save a lot of time doing the editing process and you still come up with technically sophisticated pictures worthy for magazine publication, not just for social media posting.

If you are an artist or a designer, these Lightroom actions fit the kind of genre that you are in to. This is the tool to use for you to advertise your products online, presenting it with a more cosmopolitan look. The effect would be that your customers will be intrigued, enabling them to dig more out of your cool photos.

You can download these Lightroom actions online anytime. You can experiment with it to your heart’s content, mixing effects one after another for you to maximize the potential of your photo.

And designers need that. It would be impossible for them to create beautiful pictures without the aid of some photo app nowadays, but with Lightroom actions, everything is possible. Such an advantage when dealing with photo enhancing or editing for that matter. The tool that you need to have for that beautiful image online.

Lightroom actions come in bundles, so you need not worry if you find it limiting, like those old photo solutions when editing your photos. With Lightroom actions, you are not only improving the look of your photos, you’re also making photo enhancing an enriching experience in itself.


How To Fix Missing Images In Lightroom?

Sometimes, there’s a great possibility that you will encounter several unwanted scenarios when using Adobe Lightroom. One of it is dealing with missing image files. So, how do you fix the issue? Do you need to import the same file again in Lightroom? This article, will give you quick ideas on how to fix missing files in Lightroom.

LP11Basically, it’s either you’ve made honest mistakes such as:

  • Deleting folders accidentally
  • Renaming files without remembering it
  • Moving folders to unfamiliar locations

On the other hand, missing files can happen if:

  • The network or external device is not connected or unplugged to the network.
  • Used another photo editing software
  • Outdated Lightroom version

How to detect if Lightroom can’t locate your files?

Missing Lightroom images can be identified by a single rectangular sign of the grid thumbnail in the library module. In the previous versions of Lightroom, missing files such as Lightroom presets have a question mark icon in it.

How to fix missing images in Lightroom?

If Adobe Lightroom warns you that your file collections are missing and can be searched, don’t overreact or panic. The first thing you need to do is to assess the problem first and recall how did it happen. Once you’ve already identified the cause, then fix it as soon as possible or, better yet, follow the simple instructions discussed below.

Here’s how to deal with missing images:

  • Review files and other images on your storage drive
  • Check if you’re connected to the network
  • Check missing folders
  • Locate missing file images
  • Once searched, make sure to double check if the images or Lightroom presets are still marked as missing or if the image has a question mark icon.

If you can’t still locate the original files after the given tips above, then you will need to restore files from the stored backups or manually import and recover files from your personal storage.


The Advantages of Having Photoshop Actions

new-york-1031411_960_720Asking the assistance of a photo application in dealing with photo enhancing is not a sign of incompetence, it is, in fact, an advantage. It’s hard to imagine great photos posted online without the aid of a photo app. To a lesser or higher degree, these photos are enhanced with the latest tools these apps can offer.

But Photoshop actions are offering more. This app has had a ton of patrons already because it enhances your photos in ways you cannot even imagine at times. A simple tweak from its tools, for instance, will usher in an enhanced photo in return.

One of the great things of having these Photoshop actions in your unit is its ability to dramatize a static image by creating a series of “actions” (action 1, action 2) on it, increasing the level of presentation instead of highlighting its oftentimes limited look.

But with Photoshop actions, you can now put a certain characterization with your photos. You are engaging viewers that they are not mere spectators to your images but an integral part of it, making them feel that they inseparable with your photos.
You can install Photoshop actions in your computer anytime.  That is how accessible this app is online. There is no excuse already for you not to post great pictures on your social media outlet. These Photoshop actions will do the trick for you. So install it now and live the colorful experience of these Photoshop actions.


What You Should Understand About Lightroom

You can spend most of your time exploring other stuff and learn new things from it, but if you’re into photography, and want to know how to make it more amazing and beautiful, then you’re in the right page. In this article, we will talk about what you should know about Adobe Lightroom. Hopefully, this will help you grow as a hobbyist.

LR47Adobe Lightroom has the ability to help you enhance your organizational skills. You may an idea about Lightroom being the best post-processing tool in the market, but what you don’t know is that it is also the best organizer for your images. If you want your images to be as organized, then using Lightroom is the best choice.

You can organize your images by location, file name, date and other special events. By this way, it will help you find your images easier and convenient.

Using of Presets to help you save a lot of time

While you’re tired of sitting and modifying images manually in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom can help you minimize your stress levels as it contains useful presets, or filtered images that can be applied to one or more images at once. Moreover, if you have the skills and talent, you can create your own collection of presets.

When it comes to creating Lightroom presets, you have to think of a standard style for your images. Moreover, before starting, you have to learn how to use the adjustment settings by reading helpful articles, watching video tutorials or downloading presets such as “A Lightroom Portrait Workflow Dani Diamon style”. By doing so, you will have tons of ideas on how to create a nice and stunning preset.

Lastly, Adobe Lightroom can import photos in the most convenient way; you just have to copy, move and add your images to the program.



Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 Review

Is Adobe Photoshop being replaced with its biggest rival called Lightroom? In this article, we will give you a quick user review about the latest version of Lightroom.

CCLREarlier this year, Adobe has announced the latest version of one of the best professional editing tools in the market; Lightroom 6 and CC or creative cloud. Basically, both programs have the same features and services. It’s just that Lightroom CC is only available through Adobe’s creative cloud services. Photographers and other users must subscribe to a plan before they can use the program. While Lightroom 6 is the licensed version and can be purchased on a one time payment method.

You can purchase or subscribe to any Adobe plan of Lightroom CC along with Lightroom 6 for $10 a month.

One of the advantages of using Lightroom CC is that you can access all of Lightroom’s application including Lightroom web and mobile. Moreover, you can enjoy additional online storage from the creative cloud service. If you want more tips and tutorials about Lightroom, you can always check on their website and see more useful lightroom fanatic presets.

On the other hand, Lightroom 6 is for those users and photographers who don’t like to pay monthly fees. However, they are not allowed to use other features, and they need to buy another licensed version when Lightroom 7 becomes available in the market.

What to expect on Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6?

After 2 years of waiting, Adobe has finally added new tools for editing and organizing of images. This includes: HDR and panorama merge, advanced healing, graduated and radial tools and more. Importing and exporting files to and from Lightroom’s interface were also enhanced.

What’s good about the program is that it allows users to organize their images as easy as possible. In addition, they integrated the facial recognition to help them locate and manage their pictures easily. The program also has new HTM5 web galleries and advanced slideshow tools to enjoy.





Adobe Updates: Lightroom 6.3 Review

Adobe has been consistent in producing high-quality, fast and reliable post processing software. One of their famous products is Adobe Lightroom which started nine years ago.

LR6Last October, Adobe released an update called Lightroom 6.2. Although there were new and additional editing features, the company has removed an important feature which angered hundreds of Lightroom users.

Moreover, the company received a lot of complaints and harsh feedback when they removed the import feature in Lightroom 6.2. Some users were not satisfied with the performance, thus provoke them to withdraw their subscription on Adobe’s cloud service.

The company was saddened with the outcome and state that they didn’t expect the issue to happen since they’ve been working so hard just to improve and enhance the program. The company issued an apology to their users and promised to make things right.

Fortunately, Adobe has finally released its latest version: Lightroom 6.3. Users have all the reason to celebrate because the company was able to fix bugs and bring back the import dialogue feature in the interface.

What’s new in Adobe Lightroom 6.3?

Generally, in today’s release, Adobe includes additional and useful features such as camera and lens profiles for Sony, Canon, Leica, and Fujifilm. The company was able to fix several bug issues which made the program stable and fast. In addition, Lightroom is now compatible to all kinds of third-party plugins, panorama formation, and Lightroom presets compatible with LR 4-6.

Check this video below and learn how to install Lightroom presets:

Overall, Adobe did a good job in listening to the needs and desires of their clients. They were able to respond well with the issues. The company promised to produce more useful and responsive Lightroom versions. They also promised to double check the version before releasing it. So, today, it is safe to say that Lightroom 6.3 is fast, receptive and reliable.



Epson Rangefinder R-D1s

0819-news_img_deR-D1s introduced
The world’s only digital rangefinder camera, the Epson R-D1, has extended its special role with the current Epson R-D1s model. The new functions Flash Demo, HTML allow for low-noise, format-filling photos, optimal image preview and extended color spaces. Owners of an R-D1 will also benefit from the improvements. They just need to install a firmware update which will be available for download from the 1st of June.