obj_illuFor the Rangefinder Digital Camera R-D1s from Epson, there is an unbelievably large selection of lenses – almost 200 types, from Voigtlaender’s well-known Ultra-Wide optics to the Jupiter focal length monsters from Russia – all of which we present to you in this database. Here you are guaranteed to find a lens which meets your requirements.

In the following form, you can select a lens from a manufacturer directly. The search form on the right side allows you to enter a number for the minimum or maximum focal length, or the minimum/maximum light level.

WARNING: Since the Epson R-D1s uses a sensor array which is smaller by a factor of 1.5 than the 35 mm small photo format for which lenses are developed, different focal length numbers apply. So in the search field on the right, instead of the normal focal length, you can enter the converted focal length desired directly instead.